Who we are, what we do and what we sell...

We are Alessandro and Emilia, we have been the owners of the DiPiù Boutique shop since June 2019, the idea of ​​taking over this shop happened almost by chance, the work began in February 2019, the search for something different, particular, after the We don't deny that the initial enthusiasm has also led to apprehension; Bellinzona is full of women's boutiques, probably, given the size of the city, one could almost say that it exceeds in this commercial sector;

but our idea was clear from the beginning:

be a women's boutique, but different from the others,

and to do it right, we took the time necessary.

From February to June we went in search of and discovered various brands, some, even famous ones, couldn't wait to settle in the historic center of the capital, others, despite already being present, would have gladly increased their establishment.

But none of these represented us, we knew that we had to make a "difference", and the difference is not made by the mass market, but by the niche market, so we looked for companies that differentiated themselves, that created DIFFERENT, particular, special items , who put themselves into their creations;

from there we learned:


A small company in Milan, which does not produce actual collections, but is carried away by the creativity of its stylist, who, inspired by her ideas and her heart, designs... she takes care of the tailoring herself with her seamstresses, and he finishes each item individually, testing it on the woman, on her shapes, to make it feminine, and as they write on their label

"you natural according to skin"

because it becomes your second skin, it will seem designed on you, each part of the fabric will rest on your body in a natural way, you will no longer have to adapt your body to the garments, but the garments will dress you and highlight yourself , also hiding any imperfections...

the line is entirely made in Italy, with quality fabrics, produced in limited quantities, they will make a maximum of 10/15 pieces of the same garment per size, which are then distributed to the various points of sale, with exclusive lines and priority to those who sell Provocation as the only clothing brand in its Store.

Periodically they create further exclusive lines, such as patchwork and Painting, in which they mix their art with those of artists who enjoy painting the available garments in a more or less abstract way, creating even more exclusive garments.

after Provocation we needed accessories that spoke and we discovered

but Mupaji is not just phrases, it is also a set of metals with excellent performance (Brass, Aluminum and Zamak) nickel-free, which guarantees resistance, lightness, and the vintage effect which makes it a product of great charm and trend.

Then we thought: "and the shoes??"


The name alone demonstrates the desire to differentiate itself from the classic fashion concept

Bohemians are not shoes for "everyone" or rather, they would be suitable for everyone, but they remain of a different style, they are appreciated by that niche of people who love to stand out, who do not follow fashion but who have their own style, and probably have a strong character that also demonstrates in her look and way of dressing, she does not need to show the trend of the moment, but rather it is her character that explodes in her look and creates such a chemistry that does not go unnoticed showing total femininity !

In our shop you don't find simple boutique items, but you can feel a beating heart of love, the one that every craftsman, tailor, stylist puts into every item you want to wear!