Collection: Gardens of Tuscany

Our history

The gardens are the place where Silvia finds inspiration for her signature perfumes, the smells are an integral part of the experience of a garden: the essences of Giardini di Toscana are evocative of memories that go from childhood to more intriguing moments, from the hypnosis of flowers to grandmother's biscuits, from school pencils to invigorating citrus fruits; from the intangible undergrowth to the corporal musk.

Getting intoxicated by the fragrances of your garden during the day and also at night makes us live a true experience of the senses and the spirit; in Tuscany the garden is a meeting place between architecture and nature, the relationship between the work of man and the earth is the result of a loving understanding with a poetic flavour. It is in this land that the story of an olfactory journey among the fragrances of the most authentic perfumery originated in 1942.

In a picturesque medieval village in Casentino in the heart of Tuscany, the grandparents Giovan Piero and Emma Ducci opened the "shop", which became the Perfumery; the recipe book that the grandfather had written after his experience as a pharmacist, gained in creating fragrances and ointments, is still preserved today.

At the beginning of the 1960s, the business continued with his daughter Irma who, with her class, transformed the original business into a prestigious and elegant shop.

Silvia was born in this environment, creator-composer of signature perfumes of Giardini di Toscana, a line conceived as a union of craftsmanship and renewal, using the most refined raw materials treated with the most ancient and fascinating techniques.

Our mission

Giardini di Toscana is a line of designer perfumes that fully positions itself within the "niche perfumery".

His creations always derive from a project that is based on emotions, memories, styles that have not been studied at a table to achieve easy marketing, but arise from pure passion.

Giardini di Toscana is the result of the natural evolution applied to the creativity of a family-run business, the satisfaction of a long-cherished desire, the expression of harmony between people who share the same passions, an artistic form of expression that is complement to other similar expressions.

There are many stories from which perfumes originated and each creation is absolutely original, unique, distinctive and combines with very particular characters.

They are fragrances capable of getting noticed not for intrusiveness or intensity, but for aesthetic quality and originality, therefore suitable for "dressing" strong personalities who certainly do not seek to conform to current trends.

If conventional perfumery tends to impose the same smell on the most diverse age groups and styles possible to achieve a turnover objective, the niche instead tends to propose a different and particular fragrance for each individual character. Empathy between perfume and consumer is absolutely fundamental and the assistance provided in finding the right match is the real added value that will guarantee customer loyalty over time.

Therefore the niche tends to create innovation and identify products and perfumes that can have a demand regardless of fashions, so as to guarantee a return in the long term. The key word of the Giardini di Toscana line is "eco-luxury", that is, luxury products based on organic and eco-sustainable ingredients, with a great naturalistic value. The topic of sustainability is now so important that it no longer represents just a trend, but a real must.


Translating eco-luxury into a perfume represents the true mission for Giardini di Toscana fragrances.

The infinite love in creating fragrances

He who dominated odors dominated the hearts of men; for men could close their eyes to greatness, to horror, to beauty, and close their ears to melodies or seductive words, but they could not escape the scent... (Patrick Süskind)​

The laboratory is the place where Silvia Martinelli, between essences and perfumes, manages to recreate small memories enclosed in elegant glass bottles.

Each perfume is the story of a memory, of a journey, of a sensation. Knowing how to enclose this entire universe of suggestions and atmospheres in a bottle makes the Giardini di Toscana perfumes products of inestimable value.

With creative genius and in honor of her family's history, Silvia decided to create her own line of products by taking her grandfather's ancient recipes and modifying them in the family laboratory to enhance their properties and the warm fragrances of the heart of Tuscany