Collection: Superstaff

A: Superstuff was born from the experience of TheFabLab, a digital manufacturing laboratory founded in Milan in 2013.

B: Interesting! But how was it born?

A: It was born thanks to the viral and unexpected success of Umarell, the pensioner who, with his hands behind his back, watches the digital construction sites, our computers. It was put online in November 2017 and within a few hours the requests were more numerous than our production capacity. Thanks to our vast experience in digital making, we therefore decided to create a new brand of products we produce.

B: Ahhh I know Umarell, I've always found him brilliant! Tell me more about this new brand…

A: Superstuff is innovative , super and ironic! It is a digitally crafted brand, meaning each product is designed, prototyped and created using technologies that belong to industry 4.0, such as 3D printers, CNC mills and laser cutting, thus innovating the traditional industrialization method.