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Ampersand Fragrances

Ampersand - unisex Ambition. EDP. Perfume 50ml

Ampersand - unisex Ambition. EDP. Perfume 50ml

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Lively and modern, this floral and spicy fragrance has a certain character that makes it difficult to overlook.

Why we called it «Ambition»...

I'm sorry to say it selfishly, it's just about us and our ambition, but that's okay because it also happens to match the wearer.

This is the fragrance we spray to make people stop and say "Wow", I didn't expect that. It's really good and pretty much everyone can agree that it's a great fragrance.

The type of person we think is suitable...

It's powerful with a slight sweetness and epic depth, definitely for the confident. If you don't like florals or light citrus, we think you'll love, you'll definitely love this.

Concentration: perfume essence (25%)

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