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Le Origini

The Origins Zodiac Series

The Origins Zodiac Series

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There are 12 Zodiac pendants, each associated with a zodiac sign .

They are made of bronze with natural stones from all over the world.

It is a simple line designed to best enhance the stones.

Each pendant contains a special energy and meaning. 

Ocean Jasper - Aries: Courage

Jade-Taurus: Calm

Amazonite-Gemini: Determination

Rock Crystal - Cancer: Purity

Tiger's Eye- Leo: Abundance

Grey-Virgo Agate: Protection

Rose Quartz-Libra: Self-love

Obsidian-Scorpio: Realism

Sodalite-Saggittarius: Expressiveness

Fossil Leo-Capricorn: Rooting

Crazy Agata - Aquarius: Joy and optimism

Amethyst-Pisces: Relax

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